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The 2021 Toyota Mirai signals a bold departure for the model’s design. The frumpy fuel-efficient look is gone, replaced by a sleek, svelte sedan that hides the model’s alt-fuel powertrain. The current Mirai isn’t a star of the aftermarket scene, though Toyota’s Modellista division is offering the sedan with a few subtle styling upgrades and garnishes when it does arrive.

There’s nothing outrageous about Modellista’s Mirai upgrades. The division often offers various upgradable individual trim pieces, and this Toyota is no different. Available parts include a new front splitter, upgraded side skirts, and garnishes on the door handles and side mirrors. The rear gets some love with additional shiny garnishes and slats. It’s a subtle package of parts that doesn’t upset the sedan’s overall elegant styling, though those side mirror pieces look a bit flashy.

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The 2021 Mirai is set to go on sale in the US this December, though we still don’t know all the details about the new sedan. Powertrain details are still under wraps, though the automaker says it’s aiming to see a 30-percent increase in range for the fuel-cell electric vehicle. The outgoing Mirai offered up to 312 miles (502 kilometers) on one tank of hydrogen, which would put the new model at 406 miles (653 km). An early review of the model said it offered up to 528 miles (850 km) on a tank, though that’s likely based on Japan’s JC08 test cycle, which could be different in the US.

The Mira’s hydrogen-powered powertrain limits not only its appeal but also where the company sells it. Sales for the model have never been stellar, and it’s upsetting to see a good design handicapped by what’s under the hood. However, those who want one will have some upgradability to enhance the look of the car. It’s nice to see the bland Mirai getting an appealing design that’s supported beyond what the factory offers. 

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