California-based Unplugged Performance has introduced their new styling program for the Tesla Model S.

Designed to give the car an aggressive appearance, the accessories include a front lip spoiler ($995), aerodynamic side skirts ($1,450), a rear diffuser ($1,550) and a trunk-mounted spoiler ($895). Customers can also order a new front fascia which has a more aggressive front bumper.

While the initial accessories focus on the car's appearance, Unplugged Performance says they are working on performance and suspension upgrades.

According to Bulletproof Automotive - Unplugged Performance's parent company - President Ben Schaffer, "As an owner of a Tesla Model S P85+ I can tell you that the car is already an exceptional and unique driving experience. However being also an active member of the supercar community I can say from experience that every car including even the greatest supercars have the ability to become better still when upgraded with the right selection of parts. It has been proven again and again that regardless of how great a car is from the factory, it is truly only a starting point to extract the vehicle's true potential."

Gallery: Unplugged Performance introduces their new styling program for the Tesla Model S

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