Aston Martin is offering a limited-run bottle cooler inspired by the One-77 for no less than 25,200 GBP.

Even more exclusive than the actual car which was limited to 77 units, the bottle cooler will be produced in just 10 examples and each one will cost a whopping 25,200 GBP (about 41,500 USD / 30,200 EUR). It was created from Grant Macdonald's sterling silver and has been 24 carat gold-plated.

The ludicrously expensive Aston Martin-branded bottle cooler features a carbon fiber inner layer which is actually insulated from the polished sterling silver exterior to avoid condensation.

If money is no object, at the source link below you will also be able to find a 3,050 GBP (approximately 5,000 USD / 3,600 EUR) red wine goblet (see attached photos) also wearing the Aston Martin wings.

A more fun way to spend a lot of money on an Aston Martin-branded product would be to purchase a DB Convertible Junior toy car priced at "only" 16,500 GBP (about 27,200 USD or 19,800 EUR).

Aston Martin prices One-77-inspired bottle cooler at 25,200 GBP