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In June this year, nuCamp introduced a series of upgrades for its TAB 400, TAG, and TAB 320 teardrop campers, as well as the Cirrus 820 truck camper. In most cases, the latter requires a one-ton truck but the company’s latest addition to the lineup - the all-new Cirrus 620 - brings four-season camping to the half-ton truck scene.

nuCamp has just released the first video teaser of that new model that joins the range for the 2021 model year. It’s based on the same structural foundation as the larger Cirrus 820 and has an aluminum camper body designed to easily attach onto the truck bed of any half-ton truck on the market. It weighs less than 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms) and as standard comes with cool features such as electric jacks, 210 watts of solar, and a backup camera.

Onboard, the Cirrus 620 has basically everything you’ll need for a quick escape in the wild, except for a shower. As standard, the cabin comes equipped with a kitchenette, queen bed, and cassette toilet. Also, you’ll find the company’s Alde heating and hot water system, as well as the Smart Camp function, which lets you control the camper’s lighting and the main fan from any smart device. The build quality, nuCamp promises, “stays true to the nuCamp brand.”

“There is literally nothing on the market right now that sleeps north and south that includes all those amenities, with the size of water tanks that we have – so we’re just creating a brand-new product that can slide into that vacancy,” Scott Hubble, nuCamp’s CEO, told “Right now, if you want to get into something like this with these amenities, you’ll be getting into a product that’s 1,700 pounds, with fewer amenities.”

nuCamp will have the new Cirrus 620 on sale before the end of this year, just in time for customers getting ready for the next camping season. Pricing information is not available yet.

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