An electric Ford F-150 is coming. While that headline is the newest thing that has come for America's best-selling pickup truck, there's another feature in the conventionally-powered versions that is actually a stroke of genius – depends on how you see it.

For the first time, the 2021 Ford F-150 is coming with Max Recline Seats, which, as the name suggests, allows the front seats to be reclined as much as possible, almost reaching 180 degrees. 

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We know, it sounds mundane, but if you're working for hours in construction sites, a quick nap inside your truck would be a great relief. In fact, Ford, through hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photos during research, found out that truck owners actually do this outside theory.

"We know the folks who work on construction or mining sites use their truck cab for naps during downtime, and we learned everyday owners do, too," said Jackie DiMarco, Ford truck product line director.

A simple yet handy feature, we should say, and Ford sees the use of the new feature even outside work, citing the hours spent while waiting for a son or daughter attending an all-day sports tournament.

Of note, the 2021 F-150's new Max Recline Seats has been granted five patents, though the design process wasn't really complicated. The whole mechanism doesn't even need additional motors to work.

"There are no additional motors in these seats – just a simple mechanism that relies on the customer moving the seatback using the power recline function," said Ben Kulhawik, seat design and release engineer. "It’s simple, it’s effective, and we believe our customers will love how much more productive they can be just by getting a little more rest during downtime."

The Max Recline Seats is available in the 2021 F-150 King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trims.

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