Withcoronavirusand the US election still dominating news in most parts of the world, it's easy to forget that the holiday shopping season is nearly here. Black Friday is the day after America's Thanksgiving holiday towards the end of November, and department stores aren't the only outlets seeking to capitalize on pent-up shoppers looking to spend some cash.

Of course, COVID-19 has turned 2020 into a financial dumpster fire for many families and businesses. That's not stopping automakers from trying to woo buyers into showrooms, and a new report from Cars Direct singles out some impressive deals offered by luxury brands. If you have the resources to buy or lease a fancy new ride, there are some tempting offers for US buyers on everything from sports cars to SUVs. Here's a quick rundown, though keep in mind that details and availability could vary by location.


Acura MDX

With an updated MDX for 2021, Acura has a $10,100 lease incentive for the 2020 model achieved through an unadvertised $8,600 incentive plus a $1,500 conquest bonus.



Low finance rates are available on many models, and some are offered in combination with pricing discounts. An example is the 2021 X7, which can have discounts up to $3,500 plus 1.9-percent financing.


2021 Jaguar F-Type

The biggest discount comes from the British brand, specifically for the F-Type with V8 power. An unadvertised deal knocks $10,000 off the price for customers who already own a Jag or competitive model. This can be combined with another $6,000 discount to cut a full $16,000 off the F-Type MSRP. Additionally, Jaguar offers zero-percent financing on all models for six years.


2021 Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo

The Italians are also offering five-figure deals, notably with a $12,000 lease incentive for the Quattroporte. Maserati also offers 1.49-percent financing for seven years on most models.


2021 Lexus LS500 F Sport Atomic Silver

Leasing deals aren't nearly as lucrative at Lexus, but it's still noteworthy, with up to $1,000 off the first least payment of a new vehicle. Beyond that, zero-percent financing is still offered and most models have a $700 discount.


2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring

Moving to America, Lincoln offers a zero-down sign-and-drive lease event, with up to $1,200 available towards the first lease payment.


Cadillac CT5-V

Whereas many of the deals here are for leasing a vehicle, Cadillac is going for the purchase by offering zero-percent financing for six years on every 2020 and 2021 model, save for the Escalade. However, opting for a 2020 model can also open up cash discounts as much as $2,500.

We'll keep an eye for more discounts as they crop up and update this list accordingly. Stay tuned.


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