You might remember the recent unveiling of the Aznom Palladium as a limited-run project to overhaul the Ram 1500 and turn it into what the company calls a "hyper-limousine." Now, the company releases a pair of new photos that provide a better look at the backseat.

The giant vehicle features a small display on each of the four doors that lets occupants control a variety of functions, including the temperature, seating controls, lighting, refrigerator, and power storage drawers. For maximum comfort, there's an independent air conditioning system in the rear, and occupants control the temperature for their respective side. 

Gallery: Aznom Palladium Interior

Aznom says that the Palladium's cabin takes inspiration from luxury yachts. In the backseat, there's a massive bench that gives the occupants all the legroom that a person would ever need. The company covers the interior with lots of high-end materials like textured leather, polished metal, and wood.

Gallery: Aznom Palladium


The dashboard has a strong similarity to the Ram 1500. Parts like the instruments, gearshift, and infotainment screen are from the pickup.

The exterior has a unique look that blends SUV and sedan styling cues. The weirdest design aspect is at the back where the rear deck pulls out like a drawer for accessing the cargo area. At 19.55 feet (5960 millimeters) long, it has a lot of presence. If the size doesn't grab attention, the light-up grille should get some looks at night.

Under the hood, there's a twin-turbo 5.7-liter V8 making 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) and 701 pound-feet (900 Newton-meters) of torque. The drivetrain consists of an eight-speed automatic with four-wheel drive and an electronic-locking differential. The company thinks the big machine can hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 4.5 seconds and get to a top speed of 131 mph (210 kph).

Aznom only plans to build 10 units of the Palladium. They come with luggage that matches the buyer's leather choice for the cabin.

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