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Some people embrace life as an exciting adventure. For others, life is a constant, debilitating cascade of bad decisions that make it tough to simply stay alive. For both types, sleeping in your car isn't just likely, but inevitable. As such, Ford wants you to know that, if you buy a new four-door Bronco, you can at least sack out with a little bit of room to stretch your legs. Emphasis on the little bit.

Yes, that's the message in what we can only describe as a rather strange press release from the Blue Oval. In four-door trim, Ford says the Bronco has a total of 83 cubic feet of rear cargo space when equipped with the standard soft top. Opting for the hardtop reduces that to 77.6 cubic feet, but regardless of the design, Ford claims its more space than you'll find in a four-door Jeep Wrangler. Shots fired!

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The roof design also doesn't affect legroom, which reaches 90 inches with the rear seats folded and the front seats all the way forward. However, that kind of legroom is only for guys kicked out of their house solo adventurers, because it's measured diagonally across the Bronco's back half. Should you wish to nap with a companion, you'll only have 79 inches – or about six and a half feet – to work with. Sorry, tall guys.

However, those figures are with the Bronco's rear doors closed. Ford will offer an optional slide-out tailgate that, with the doors open, offers nearly eight feet of side-by-side space for two. Of course, leaving the doors open invites all sorts of carnivorous wildlife you join you for snuggles, but hey, life is an adventure, right? In any case, you'll have time to consider whether the tailgate option is worth it, because it won't be available until late in 2021.

We get it. The point is to show the Bronco's adventure cred for those who want to travel and camp light. Just don't tell Ford's PR people that any number of station wagons or even smallish five-door hatchbacks have the same kind of interior space for stretching out. And they don't even need an optional tailgate for the taller travelers.

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