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The holiday season is fast approaching, and it will be a tough one for everyone around the world. With coronavirus cases setting daily records in the United States, finding safe, family-friendly activities will be a challenge. The folks at Hot Wheels thought about that and came up with something both unique and awesome for car fans young and old. The only catch is you have to get to California to see it.

It's called the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru, and the name pretty much says it all. During the month of December, a die-cast garden of real, life-size Hot Wheels cars will fill a mile-long trail at the Toyota Arena parking lot in the Los Angeles suburb of Ontario. Joining the crazy cars will be a litany of monster trucks including the granddaddy of them all, Bigfoot. Perhaps best of all, folks can enter the drive-through park and enjoy the spectacle contact-free from the comfort of their own vehicle.

Gallery: Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru

“The Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru was a natural fit for us, said Ken Hudgens, president and CEO of Raycom-Legacy Content Company. "We are always trying to think of how to best engage Hot Wheels fans – and because we can’t tour the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live show right now, we wanted to create something new. This Drive-Thru will be a safe way to do something new, unexpected, creative, and fun.”

Because this is Hot Wheels, the cars on display won't exactly be normal. Infamous creations like Rip Rod, Bone Shaker, Deora II, and Twin Mill will be there, but the event will also have the four-story-tall Megasaurus robotic dinosaur and light tunnels to drive through. A special audio companion will play during the 30-minute tour, and there will be in-car photo ops as well. It's not clear if the mile-long circuit will be on an orange track, but we certainly hope that's the case.

The fun does come at a minor cost. Tickets prices start at $45 per car and rise to $60 per car for at-the-gate purchases on weekends. The price includes a Hot Wheels 3-car pack and a digital photo, but it doesn't matter how many people are in the car. In other words, fill the seats in your three-row SUV and suddenly you have a fairly inexpensive night out. In a COVID-shocked world, it's not such a bad idea at all. 

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru opens December 3 and runs daily through January 2.

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