RUF is one of the most unique expressions or Porsche enthusiasm on the planet and results in a product that pays homage to a passion for Porsche with a twist. RUF was made famous by the legendary Yellow Bird Porsche 911 that set the top speed during a Road and Track test and was the subject of the Legendary Fascination video shot on the Nürburgring and distributed via VHS. When it comes to more modern RUF creations, nothing can match the RUF GTR3 which takes Porsche tuning to another level.


The RUF CTR3 is a break from RUF’s usual production formula which uses a body on white Porsche to build their final creations. Instead of optimizing a Porsche chassis, the RUF CTR3 uses a custom platform build in collaboration with the Canadian team at Multimatic. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Multimatic has brought us modern racecars like the new Ford GT and subsequent road car alongside other consumer goods like the superb shocks used by GM in the Camaro Z71 and Colorado ZR2.

The custom chassis is paired to a Porsche derived 3.8-liter flat-6 that now features a pair of turbochargers. The result is a 682 horsepower (501kW) flat-6 mated to a 6-speed sequential automated manual transmission, which was cutting edge in 2009. This sub 3,000lb supercar may have a front end reminiscent of a 996 911, but look fast the windshield, and this creation looks more like a supercar.

Only 31 examples of the RUF CTR3 were built, which makes this a rare Porsche collectible that’s sure to turn heads and produce impressive performance both on the road and track. This unique opportunity to own a special car like the RUF CTR3 is rare, so be sure to pounce on this auction while you still can.  

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