According to a recent report, Porsche made $23,200 on every vehicle they sold last year.

Citing information in Volkswagen's annual report, Bloomberg Business Week is reporting Porsche's per car income was the highest among Volkswagen's numerous brands. However, Bentley wasn't too far behind with proceeds of approximately $21,500 per vehicle.

Perhaps the most interesting surprise was Scania which rakes in roughly $17,000 per vehicle to become the third most profitable brand in Volkswagen's lineup. This likely explains the company's decision to offer Scania shareholders approximately €6.7 ($9.2) billion to purchase the rest of the company.

Lamborghini got lumped into Audi's figures so their total is combined total is a mediocre $5,200 per vehicle. While this doesn't sound like much, it's far better than Volkswagen's total of just $850 on every  vehicle they sold.

Gallery: Porsche made $23,200 on every vehicle they sold last year - report

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