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We’ve written several times how cars are ripe for catching on fire if you’re not careful. The right mixture of materials paired with the perfect amount of carelessness can lead to disaster, which almost happened at one recent London car meet. A Nissan GT-R capable of shooting flames out of its tailpipes caught on fire, though some quick-acting bystanders may have saved the car from the scrap heap.

The video opens with the GT-R stopped in a parking garage, the driver revving the engine, and flames shooting out the back. The video cuts to the car outside, again stopped while still shooting out flames. The video cuts again, this time showing smoke rising above the crowd as murmurs of a fire ripple through the crowd. The cameraman jostles for position, showing flames escaping the rear bumper as the driver and bystanders attempt to douse the flames.

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Some are whipping jackets at it to smother the fire while others are attempting to pour bottles of water onto it, though they didn’t have much luck. Instead, what they did was keep the fire from spreading until someone with an extinguisher arrived. Someone rips off the bumper in an attempt to access the fire, though that helped little. It’s unclear where the fire was located, though it was only doused from underneath. There’s little doubt the exhaust got too hot, starting the fire.

The video ends with the fire being put out and bystanders pushing the Nissan from the scene. There’s a lot of damage to the rear end, though it doesn’t look significant. We’d expect the car to be repairable; however, there’s likely more damage underneath we can’t see, which could change any restoration plans. We’re just glad the fire didn’t spread, and no one was hurt. Someone, possibly the owner, is seen trying to smother the flames with a jacket, and he gets close to them.

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