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If you're looking to go an adventure way off the grid, then check out this EarthRoamer LT-V that's currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer. Current bidding is at $52,000, and the sale ends in four days, as of this writing. 

The EarthRoamer LT-V uses a 2005 Ford F-450 as a starting point, and there's extensive work from there to make this rig able to be a true overlander. Rather than the original 6.7-liter Powerstroke diesel V8, there's now a heavily modified 5.9-liter Cummins inline-six under the hood. It has upgrades to the pistons, camshaft, and turbocharger. There's still a Ford five-speed automatic but with improved internals. It runs through a two-speed transfer case, and the axles have a recent servicing, according to the auction listing.

The rugged RV rides on an air suspension and custom-valved King shocks. The system also has recent servicing that includes a new compressor, solenoids, air lines, control unit, and keypad. There are two backup air compressors in case anything goes wrong.

The Earthroamer's driver enjoys a lot of luxuries. There are leather-upholstered, power-adjustable seats. The tech in front also includes automatic climate control, USB outlets, and a ceiling-mounted gauge panel. 

The video above includes a tour of the living area. It's small, but there's an impressive use of space. The amenities include a kitchenette and dining area. At the back, there's a shower and toilet. The bed is located over the cab. Electricity comes from an 875-watt solar array, 2,000-watt AC inverter, and a pair of 255 amp-hour house batteries. Air conditioning and a heater keep the occupant comfortable. There's everything you'd need here to go on an extended adventure.

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