Modern LCD screens and electronics bring new life to this classic game.

Here's something special for the video game fans out there, especially those who crave the golden age of the arcade. Of course we're talking about the 1980s, and for aspiring race car drivers there were few games as awesome as Sega's OutRun. It was fun with the stand-up cabinet, but if your local arcade had the sit-down version, your quarters were helpless to resist.

Flash forward 30-odd years, and now your bank account might be helpless to resist. Fresh from Arcade1Up is a reborn OutRun in all its 16-bit glory, fitted into a custom sit-down cabinet complete with gas and brake pedals, a steering wheel, shifter, and big plastic buttons that are begging to be covered in Tab soda. This one doesn't take quarters, but for $499, you can take one home and play it until your acid-washed jeans wear out.

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This special project isn't just a rehash of the old OutRun sit-down arcade cabinet. Inside you'll find a 17-inch LCD screen and dual speakers with volume control, fitted into a custom enclosure that looks a bit smaller than the original. That makes it perfect for setting up in your living game room, and we must say the cabinet design with the pseudo-Ferrari Testarossa captures the ambiance of the original arcade game perfectly. But wait, there's more.

Should you get bored with OutRun – and eventually you will get tired of driving the same 8-bit courses – there's more than one game in this cabinet. Back in the 1980s a series of sequels followed OutRun and you'll also find them here as well. Turbo Outrun and Outrunners are part of the package, along with Sega's classic kart racing game Power Drift. The individual games can be selected from the main menu, which only leaves us with one question. How soon can we get one?

According to Arcade1Up, limited quantities are available now for ordering with shipments slated to start in December, just in time for the holiday shopping season. We'll take two and an order of nachos, please.

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