The smallest supercar in the world is born in the city of Zhengzhou, China

The smallest "supercar" in the world has been born in the city of Zhengzhou, China. We are talking about a mini Lamborghini Aventador replica, hand built by the 50-year old farmer Guo, who wanted to create a vehicle to get his grandson from school.

The miniature car is around 2 meters (6.56 feet) long and only 1 meter (3.26 feet) wide. Power is provided by a compact electric motor via five sets of batteries. The comical Lambo can travel up to 60 km (37 miles) on a single charge with max speed reaching 96 km/h (60 mph). The "supercar" is made out of scrap metal and old motorcycle parts.

"It's just a toy for my grandson, but I can drive him to school in it. It's much better than an electric bike", Guo says.

Meet the world's smallest supercar made by Chinese farmer