Several Lexus dealers are petitioning Toyota to introduce a luxurious Lexus-badged van designed for those who want a mobile office space.

While many are waiting for a direct successor of the LFA supercar, it seems several Lexus dealers from Japan, China and other Asian countries are asking Toyota to come up with a high-end van. A Lexus-badged van with sliding rear doors would target executives and politicians who find the rear seats of the range-topping Lexus LS too cramped.

A representative of one of the largest Toyota-Lexus dealers in Japan said "If I go out to dinner with four people, I can't take my chauffeured LS" and instead he takes a rather modest Toyota Alphard since it has enough space "to change my clothes, and I can go to a funeral and a wedding in the same day."

As you would imagine, executives over at Lexus said they don't want to add a minivan to the lineup. The Japanese marque's immediate plans are to introduce a production version of the LF-NX concept on April 20 at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show in China.

Gallery: Lexus dealers asking Toyota for a van because politicans and executives find LS too cramped

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