According to reports out of Germany, the Nürburgring has been bought by the Capricorn Group.

Details are limited but Spiegel is reporting the Düsseldorf-based company has over 350 employees and about 100 of them currently work at Capricorn's Nürburgring test center.

We haven't come across any official announcements as of yet but Capricorn's website says they have been using the Nürburgring "for over twenty years, gaining valuable insights into chassis tuning." The site goes on to say "Engines and chassis can be theoretically tested in facilities that artificially simulate natural conditions, but in order to gain a complete impression of the driving behaviour of a vehicle, nothing matches the practical insights that one gains from taking a vehicle onto the racetrack."

Update: Capricorn has confirmed they have bought the Nürburgring and will continue to run event, hotel and racing operations.  The group also hopes to spur economic development by focusing on automotive technology and innovation.


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