The electric truck segment is shaping up to be quite the battleground in the coming years, especially now with the GMC Hummer EV pickup. After making its debut last week, GMC invited us to see the truck in-person for the first time at a small event – everything we captured is in the above video. It’s still early, but the futuristic Hummer looks to have what it takes to make a big impact.

We spent time with the Edition 1, the top-trim level, which has 350 miles of range, exclusive white paint, and a price tag of $112,000. This will be the most powerful version of the truck, boasting a claimed 1,000 horsepower (746 Kilowatts) and zero to 60 time of 3.0 seconds. This sold-out edition also includes touted features like Crab Walk off-road mode and 800-volt DC fast-charging. On paper, this is the ultimate Hummer, but the little details make that even more true.

As is typical with modern vehicles, the Hummer has a ton of easter eggs both inside and out. The exterior features more obvious ones such as the MultiPro tailgate and power-operated frunk. However, our closer look revealed fun additions like brackets underneath that display a thumbs up. If the vehicle happens to flip over, they switch to a thumbs down – let’s hope you never see that one yourself.

Inside, the Hummer continues the easter egg trend with maps etched into the speaker covers and floor. Look closely and there is also a footprint, meant to recall Neil Armstrong’s boot when he walked on the moon. This goes hand-in-hand with the lunar theme that comes with the Edition 1.

We’ll have to wait for the Hummer to finish its prototype testing before getting behind the wheel, but we’re more excited than ever to do so. GMC plans on starting production deliveries next Fall.

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