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Automakers are rushing all-electric vehicles to market even if consumers aren’t all-in on the alt-powered cars just yet. Deliveries of the Audi E-Tron began in mid-2019, with Audi giving the model a price cut for 2021. Now, a new report from Cars Direct says customers could save even more off of the SUV – up to $12,000 depending on the trim and other available incentives.

The publication is pulling the information from “dealer incentive bulletins” that show Audi offering a ton of cash to move the model. All Audi E-Tron models are eligible for a $7,500 leasing bonus. Those who opt for the middle-grade Premium Plus trims can receive an additional $2,000 in lease bonus cash. Choosing the Prestige trim nets a $3,000 discount. On top of all of that is an extra $1,500 Season of Audi Credit available through January 4 regardless if you lease or buy an Audi model.

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This comes after Audi cut the E-Tron’s starting price for 2021 from $74,800 to $65,900 (excluding destination). Audi also cut the price of the coupe-like E-Tron Sportback from $77,400 to $69,100. The price cut coincided with an 8.8 percent increase in range from 204 miles (328 kilometers) to 222 miles (357 km). Audi is also offering the Sportback with discounts, pairing the $7,500 leasing bonus with the $1,500 Audi Credit for $9,000 in savings.

The E-Tron comes with twin asynchronous electric motors that can produce 355 horsepower (264 kilowatts) and 414 pound-feet (561 Newton-meters) of torque. However, Boost Mode ups that to 402 (300 kW) and 490 (664 Nm), respectively. All that power can rocket the SUV to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in a respectable 5.5 seconds. Those looking for something quicker should pick the E-Tron S that debuted earlier this year with its 496 hp (470 kW) on tap and its quicker 0-60 time.

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