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Yes, it’s that topic yet again - BMW’s new grille. We’ve discussed it so many times that we almost lost interest. But the truth is the more we look at it - especially in real life - the more we are starting to accept it. Not to like it, but to learn how to live with it.

For those of you who would like to see another take on the kidney grille, famous designer presents his version based on the design of the all-new BMW M3. The redesign doesn’t include just the grille but the entire front fascia of the performance sedan.

In the video at the top of this page, Foose explains that the side view of the new M3 is definitely good and it says “this is an M3.” The front “does not look like the M3 and the rear is also a departure” though. Obviously, this requires significant modifications to the front end design, according to Foose, who takes inspiration from the earlier generations of the model.

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The result is… well, not something that's necessarily stunning from every point of view but at least it’s not that in-the-face as the actual M3. There are some details that we like a lot - including the little amber running lights integrated into the lower section of the bumper. But there are some details we can’t accept as being cool or pretty - like the second pair of smaller grilles that are taking a central position below the main grilles and are flanked by even smaller air diffusers. 

After all, we are not design experts here - these were just our two cents. In fact, we’d like to hear your voice - is Foose’s redesigned M3 looking better than the actual new sports sedan? Are these two-staged grilles an improvement over the much-criticized giant grille? Let us know in the comments section below.

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