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Winder Towing out of Hurricane, Utah, doesn't just pick up broken cars along the side of the road. The company also does off-road recovery from the many desert trails in the vicinity and capture the work to put on YouTube. In this clip, the workers save two Ford F-150 Raptors that are stuck in the sand.

The first stuck F-150 seems to be due to an inexperienced driver. The guy buried the truck up to the frame rails in the soft sand. At that point, there was no getting out of the predicament.

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These folks made the extra mistake of leaving their stricken truck. As the host of the video put it, he'd rather find you alive next to your stranded vehicle than need to search through the desert to find a corpse.

The recovery company's second-gen Jeep Cherokee has an easy job of pulling out the Raptor, but the owner is noticeably shaken. He wants to know how to avoid a situation like this in the future and get a better understanding of why the much older Jeep is a better off-roader than his newer, more powerful Ford.

The second Raptor rescue is a bit more serious. The driver isn't lost in the desert, in fact there are lots of people around, but his truck is out of coolant, so driving away isn't possible.

In this case, the recovery is a two-part operation. First, the Cherokee hooks up to the Raptor and drags the pickup to the relatively nearby road, while also threading the needle between parked cars. Then, a flatbed truck is able to pick up the Ford and carry it away for repairs.

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