Beware. There are some really weird ones.

Why do we love cars so much? It’s not something we can explain in fewer than a million words, but the very short version is that cars give us the freedom to travel everywhere we want. Not only that but our personal vehicles are our own ways of expressing ourselves through different customizations. Some like them big, fast, and loud, others like them small, maneuverable, and cute. Each to their own.

“There are a million different car subcultures out there,” as our friends at Donut Media add, “but some of them are just downright weird.” That’s exactly the topic of today’s video from the famous YouTube channel, a 17-minute clip you can find at the top of this page.

The Top 10 list starts with one of our “favorite” tuning trends - the so-called Carolina squat trucks. When you think about those trucks with giant wheels and low rear suspension, you would be forgiven if you think they come from the Carolinas. No, the trend actually originates from the Baja truck rally.

Jumping to the fifth position in this list, it takes us to those eye-burning fake vents and tacky spoilers you could see on basically all kinds of vehicles. And no, we are not talking about the factory-fitted appearance kits for regular cars (those are great!). Slap a $15 fake hood vent on your Geo Metro? Sure, that's cool.

We won’t spoil the rest of the list - carlashes, negative camber wheels, and more are in there. But - please! - pay special attention to number four on that list because it’s something we totally agree with. And once you’ve watched the video, let us know in the comments section below - are there car trends you don’t agree with? And which ones are your favorite ones? The mike is yours.

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