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We are still months away from the on-sale date for the 2021 Ford Bronco, but excitement continues to grow. The Bronco's official build and price configurator only went live a few days ago as of this post, but 450,000 virtual Broncos have already been built. It seems Ford has reason to boast about the Bronco's popularity, but we still haven't seen everything Ford will offer once it finally goes on sale.

Accessories are a big part of the Bronco experience, and we knew there would be more to come on the dealership side. However, Ford Consumer Marketing Manager Mark Gruber explained to that more options would be added to the configurator closer to when the order banks open. He also shed some light on the process behind Ford's plan for Bronco accessories.

"In terms of some of the options or restrictions, it’s such a big launch in terms of the level of complexity that what we’re focused on is some of the higher volume options at launch, to ensure we can get the highest quality product," he said. "When you’re playing around in the [configurator] build and price section, the accessories shown are just a small selection. The accessories right now are those that are going to be installed at the plant or mod center. We’re seeing huge demand on accessories."

We've heard rumors that a stand-alone event dedicated solely to Bronco accessories could be coming as early as November. 200-plus accessories will be offered all total, including those added at the factory and a plethora of dealer-installed items. It seems Ford is banking on Bronco buyers diving deep into the world of accessories, so it certainly makes sense to sweeten the OEM pot at the time of purchase. To that end, we've also seen reports that dealer-installed accessories will not have an extra installation charge, however, that's not entirely true.

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"In the build and price you’ll see a few more options as we get closer to the order bank opening," said Gruber. "The majority of the accessories will be installed at the dealer. The installation included with the price is not for all the accessories. There will be some more of those being added."

Regardless of accessories, the Bronco appears to be as popular as ever. Ford previously confirmed 165,000 reservations for the off-roader, with unconfirmed reports saying the total was 230,000. Gruber now confirms over 190,000 reservations are in the books, and while these aren't actual sales yet, there's no denying folks are excited to get behind the Bronco's wheel.


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