Infiniti has announced plans to show a one-off Q60 Convertible as a celebration to Bobby Unser's triumph in the 1968 Indianapolis 500 race.

The unique Infiniti Q60 Convertible has received a special livery with a red, yellow, black and white design and the number three as a throwback to Bobby Unser's Offenhauser-powered Eagle (see attached photo) which managed to take the win in 1968's edition of the famous Indianapolis 500 race.

It will be exhibited starting tomorrow at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance together with other Infiniti models such as the 2014 Q70, QX60, QX70, QX80 and the Q50. In addition, Infiniti has joined forces with Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum to bring Unser's '68 Indy 500-winning car to the Concours.

At this year's show several other Offenhauser-powered racecars will be exhibited and there will also be a few vehicles highlighting McLaren Racing's 50th anniversary.

Gallery: Infiniti teases one-off Q60 Convertible, celebrates Bobby Unser's '68 Indy 500 win

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