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The most expensive and most powerful Ford Mustang that you can buy right now is the Shelby GT500 that comes with the Carbon Fiber Track Pack. Maxing out at $107,080, this purpose-driven build is ready for the race track, with carbon fiber bits to go with the 760-horsepower (567-kilowatt) 5.2-liter supercharged V8 beating under its long hood.

YouTube's Speed Phenom has already taken delivery of his second GT500, and it's one that's equipped with the coveted $18,500 package. Of course, what happens next is inevitable.

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Speed Phenom, also known as Austin, compared his base Shelby GT500 against a Corvette C8 before – the latter is also his own car. It wasn't just any comparison, though, he drove both on a race track and compared their manners when pushed to their limits.

Now, it's time for his new track toy to meet his red mid-engine Corvette. He was pretty pumped up in doing the video as this is the first time that these two cars will meet each other on the track. More importantly, Austin added the lap times of both cars, giving us a more quantitative idea of their differences.

Let me give you a spoiler and tell you that the Shelby GT500 with Carbon Fiber Track Pack won the lap time comparison. But the main juice of the comparison isn't really about the track time. Austin provided his insights in driving both cars, which will clear up the real differences between the two. Besides, these two high-octane machines were driven on the same day, same track, and through the hands of the same driver.

What do you think of this comparison? Was it fair and accurate? Did Austin give justice to both cars? Let us know in the comments section below.

And oh, you might want to ease down on the volume as the GT500 was really, really loud.

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