Now that you can actually build and price the 2021 Ford Bronco, you might be a little more curious about the various interior upholstery choices and wheel options. A new video from Bronco Nation lets members of Ford's Colors & Materials team go through each trim level to show off the upholstery and trim choices. The Blue Oval is giving buyers of the new SUV a whole lot of choices.

As you'd probably expect, the Base model keeps things pretty basic with a cabin that comes in a mix of black and dark gray. The Big Bend is also available in Dark Space Gray, or buyers can opt for Sandstone beige for an interior that's a little less dark.

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The Black Diamond grade that starts at $36,050 is where things get really interesting because this grade has marine-grade vinyl upholstery. The material resists mold and mildew, so it should be very easy to keep clean. There are blue accents throughout the cabin. The vinyl is also available on the Bad Lands grade

The Outer Banks has a slightly different style. Buyers can get the seats in brown or gray cloth with horizontal stripes, and there's a leather option, too.

The range-topping Wild Trak is available with a unique cloth seating option. The center of the chairs have digital camouflage with the Bronco emblem incorporated into the design. If this isn't your style, there's also leather available.

After checking out all the interior choices, the video shifts outside to show off the Bronco's available wheels and each trim level's grille. With so many differences between the trim levels and options to add, don't expect to see many identical Broncos on the road when deliveries begin.

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