The Hummer EV that GMC revealed earlier this week had a long journey before its big night. Sketches and drawings are often a new model’s first imagining. It’s much easier to draw something when trying to determine a new vehicle’s look. The Hummer’s design process was likely no different, with several different designs being sketched. Those are now posted to the GM Design Instagram account where we can see what those early Hummer designs looked like. 

There are several different Hummer EV designs in the post, each with its own unique features, though each does have a familiar look. It’s easy to spot the similarities between the real Hummer EV and the vehicles in the sketches, too. They all have the same chunky, straight-edged, upright design as the final product, though the drawings exaggerate the tall, spacious wheel arches. Another trait shared between the sketches and the real EV is the stylized C-pillar as it extends into the bedside.

Gallery: 2022 GMC Hummer EV Sketches

The sketches also feature hints of past Hummer models, and that has translated well to the actual vehicle. Hummer used to be a brawny, gas-guzzling brand that was ubiquitous at the turn of the century. The new truck still retains that tough look, even if it’s a bit softer than before, and the powertrain is now all-electric. GMC says there’ll be a tri-motor model that will produce an estimated 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). It also has cool features like Crab Walk and four-wheel steering.

It’s easy to forget the long, complex process needed to create a new vehicle. Imagine all the decisions that need made, changed, approved, and discarded before even beginning to build prototypes or concepts. The sketches are just one peek behind the curtain of a massive industry many love, though we will always be curious about the sketches automakers don’t show us.

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