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The Nissan Z Proto’s release filled JDM enthusiasts with joy for the eclectic return of a classic. Now that enough time has passed to get over the initial honeymoon period, everyone is taking inventory of the vehicle’s aesthetic from a renewed perspective. Thankfully, Sports Driving Labo’s latest YouTube video features the closest walkaround tour we’ve seen yet.

While there has been debate about many of the design cues on the latest Fairlady Z, seeing the car from different angles does a great job of putting those to rest. One highlight the guys noticed was the silver katana shaped accent that runs along the roofline to the back of the car. You could argue that it’s a very elementary focal point, but from the right angle, it does a great job of selling the iconic roofline of the original.

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While a lot of the styling has already been covered in previous walkaround videos, the guys take a look under the skin at many of the mechanical components. From a quick glance, they can deduce that the front and rear suspension components appear very similar to those on the Z34 Nissan 370Z. While controversial, this isn’t unheard of, as automakers commonly use parts from other vehicles that have proven reliability.

Being proper automotive detectives, they proceed to measure the wheelbase of the Z Proto against that of its Z34 counterpart. However, a Nissan executive scurried in before the team could get an exact measurement – take it with a grain of salt, but a freeze-frame of the video revealed that the wheelbase of the Z Proto is almost identical to that of the 370Z.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the similarities between the two, but the important thing to note is that evolutionary change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As the Toyota Supra has received similar criticism, it’s important to remember that regardless of where the components come from, they build an incredibly capable package.

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