Hyundai has unveiled in Geneva today the Intrado concept which paves the way for an upcoming compact crossover.

The Intrado concept was styled in Rüsselsheim, Germany by the Hyundai Design Centre Europe and represents not only a styling exercise but also Hyundai's intentions to use more advanced materials and technologies in upcoming models. The concept's design was signed off by company president and design chief Peter Schreyer and uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic in its construction.

The Intrado is a four-seater compact crossover with frameless doors and B-pillars to grant an easier access within the cabin. Motivation is provided by a next-gen fuel-cell powertrain that makes use of a 36 kW lithium-ion battery and provides the concept with a 373-mile (600 km) range thanks to the hydrogen tanks positioned under the rear seats and trunk floor.

It should be noted Hyundai has selected the "Intrado" nameplate as a reference to the underside area of an aircraft's wing responsible with creating lift. Hyundai says the concept has "a purity of design that is beautiful and efficient" just like an aircraft.

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