The greatest amongst Rolls-Royce is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Back in 1907 the Silver Ghost was part responsible for building the reputation of Rolls-Royce for making the most reliable motor cars. In May 1907, Claude Johnson drove the Silver Ghost from Goodwood to Scotland and back using just one gear! After that, the Rolls team drove the car a further 13.000 miles, totalling almost 15.000 miles without any breakdowns. In 1907 the Silver Ghost name was born when Rolls-Royce managing director, Claude Johnson, silver plated the fittings of a '40/50' Rolls-Royce and painted the coachwork silver. Making an immediate impact, the car quickly became known as The Silver Ghost, reflecting the car's virtual silent running as well as it's appearance. The name was later adopted for all the 40/50hp cars manufactured between 1907 and 1925.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Centenary