Each and every classic A-Ford and T-Ford is without any adjustment Bio-ethanol ready. A good 90 years ago, Henry Ford envisioned that ethanol was a perfect alternative to regular gasoline, in his utopia every farmer would have been able to 'grow' his own fuel. Back in the 1930's, the good ol' US of A already had plenty of fuel stations which provided ethanol, but back then the extremely low gasoline prices thwarted its uprising. Today, Brasil uses bio-ethanol and is seen as ahead of its time, but in reality Ford only has to look into its history to find all the technology it needs, well kind of. The pictured A-Ford is driving on bio-ethanol without replacing a single part, there is simply a switch on the dashboard which allows you to regulate the fuel mixing. One simple turn on the knob and the A-Ford is a technological show-piece of the 21st century!

Classic Ford Ahead of its Time