Following an announcement made last month, Bugatti has unveiled today in Geneva the fourth Legend Edition model which honors Rembrandt Bugatti.

He was the brother of company founder Ettore Bugatti and also one of the most prolific sculptors of the 20th century. Just like the previous – already sold - three editions, the Rembrandt Bugatti is based on the Grand Sport Vitesse and will be limited to three units, each being priced at 2.18M EUR.

This special edition Veyron can be distinguished by its bronze clear-coated carbon exterior which pays homage to Rembrandt's preferred material while the lower area of the supercar wears a light brown hue. A platinum look was applied onto the Bugatti horseshoe as well as on the EB logo at the back. The vehicle's alloy wheels are painted in "Firefinch" and light "Noix" browns and on the fuel and oil cap Bugatti lasered Rembrandt's signature.

The cabin boasts a light brown "Cognac" leather upholstery with an elephant structure on the rear center box between the seats where Bugatti has also applied the Type 41 Royale's hood ornament. Other highlights include a platinum EB logo on the steering wheel, bronze clear-coated carbon on the center console and braided leather for the door trims.

Bugatti will also showcase the Rembrandt Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in Berlin, Germany during an exhibition in the Old National Gallery.

Additional details can be found in the attached press release.

Gallery: Rembrandt Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is another 2.18M EUR special edition

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