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Fresh off its jaw-dropping official production car speed record of 316 mph averaged in two directions for the Tuatara, there's new word regarding the second model SSC is working on. The incredible hypercar will eventually gain an SSC-badged companion, and it will be a more affordable machine compared to the $1.6-million Tuatara that actually reached 330 mph during its record run.

As you might imagine, more affordable is a relative term here. We reported in May that plans for a second model were in the works, but Motor Authority reports that pricing for this new machine will fall in the $400,000 to $500,000 range. That's still a very large sum of cash, but it means SSC will have a machine to complete with optioned-up offerings from Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren.

It also means performance will be more in-line with those machines but once again, it's relative. Slotting behind the Tuatara in price means it also plays second fiddle in performance with only 700 to 800 horsepower (515 to 588 kilowatts) from a naturally aspirated V8 engine. As for the nature of the engine, it could be an all-new affair or it could be a version of the 5.9-liter mill used in the Tuatara. It's a flat-plane crankshaft design with two turbochargers and a special tune for E85 pump gas to make up to 1,750 hp (1,287 kW).

There's no mention of either a name or a specific timeframe for this new SSC model's arrival. Our original report stated the supercar would be similar to the Tuatara both in design and performance, though offering 1,000 hp (736 kW) less would make it considerably slower in terms of flat-out speed. Acceleration through 150 mph should be similar, however, and if the slippery Tuatara shape is borrowed at least in part, the little brother should still top out over 200 mph.

It is indeed a speed-crazy world where exceeding 200 mph in a road-legal car doesn't seem that impressive anymore.

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