Earlier this month, news surfaced that 2020 Chevy Corvette production had to be shut down due to the lack of parts. It’s been an arduous beginning for the new mid-engine sports car, which was first delayed by a UAW strike only to have the coronavirus pandemic further hinder the long-awaited Corvette’s rollout. However, now, it appears that production is back in full swing.

A new video from the Cars and Crosbie YouTube channel has Morgan Crosbie relaying the good news that the Bowling Green, Kentucky factory is back in action with two shifts building bout 800 to 850 Corvettes a week. According to Crosbie, 2020 model production will likely continue well into December and could last until the holiday break at the end of the year. Chevy decided to halt production earlier this month when it faced a parts shortage from suppliers. The shutdown gave suppliers time to create a surplus before Chevy resumed Corvette production.

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The shutdown came about a month after the factory began operating a second shift to help meet demand. General Motors had originally planned for C8 Corvette production to begin before the end of last year, though the 40-day UAW strike delayed the automaker from finishing C7 production in time. C8 production began in January, though the pandemic shuttered many factories worldwide for several weeks, though, not all Corvette production ceased.

Chevy has already revealed the 2021 Corvette, with rumors suggesting that workers have already been building pre-production 2021 models. The 2021 Corvette is supposed to begin arriving before the end of the year, though it’s unclear if the most recent shutdown will push that back. We don’t have our hopes up considering the C8 Corvette’s history with timeliness, though anything is possible.We’re already hearing rumors of what’s to come for 2022 and 2023.

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