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God bless Genesis. As automakers all around the world dive headfirst into new SUV development and production, Genesis launches with a stable of sedans before offering a single larger people mover in the GV80. Logic would dictate a second or even third SUV should follow that effort, but what do we see instead? An honest-to-goodness station wagon built from the G70, flaunting its long roof in the picturesque Austrian Alps.

We first encountered the G70 wagon back in July in a series of up-close spy photos, hiding its elongated backside beneath heavy camouflage. Curiously, the front and sides of the car also wore heavy coverings, and all of that is still in place in the new spy video from CarSpyMedia, posted above. This prototype is undergoing high-altitude testing, and actually, it's the same car we saw a few days ago in spy shots.

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The video catches the car in action, even displaying a bit of hustle in some areas on the mountain pass. We also notice it's not alone – a 2022 G70 sedan is chasing the wagon at one point, and we briefly see a couple of wagons parked next to the road. Could these be benchmark vehicles being evaluated by the Genesis team? It's also quite possible these are just wagons out and about. We don't see such things very often in the States, so catching more than one long-roof on the road always garners our attention.

Genesis G70 Wagon Front Unofficial Rendering
Genesis G70 Wagon Side Unofficial Rendering

Speaking of attention, with heavy camo still prevalent on this wagon prototype, we checked in with Nikita Chuiko at for some unofficial G70 renderings based on current spy shots. The rear fascia with oval exhaust outlets at the corners is different from the prototypes we've seen, but given the plethora of visible testing equipment on the latest test car, it's very possible the G70 isn't wearing its final body panels. Of greater interest to us is the elegant beltline with a casual upslope, offset by the gentle downslope of the G70's stretched roof. If the final product is similar to these renderings, we won't be disappointed.

Our sources are silent on when the G70 wagon could go official, and there's also no word on it coming to North America. We'd love to see it, but realistically there isn't much of a business case for a long-roof G70 in SUV-crazy America. It didn't stop Audi from sending us the RS6 Avant, so perhaps there's a bit of hope that Genesis will broaden its horizons.

In any case, the covers will likely come off some time next year.

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