NY Speculations: The Chevy Concepts

The New York International Motor Show is about to kick off, and the General Motors PR people are a bit stingy on details about their upcoming concepts. What we do know is that there will be three of them, designed by the Korean subsidiary (previously known as Daewoo), and the GM peeps have been kind enough to release one image of the Chevrolet Trax Concept. All three concepts will be small vehicles (Mini Cooper size), and the NY show goers (and you of course) get to vote on a special chevy site about which concept is your favorite. The guys over at Automotive Newswire chased down the story ahead of time and got some interesting information. First of all they got GM v-p John Smith to quote the following: "We made conscious decisions in favor of trucks in the mid-'90s, now it's time to do something more with cars." And they found out the names of the concepts... namely the Trax, the Beat and the Groove. More tomorrow!

Gallery: NY Speculations: The Chevy Concepts