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Genesis has many achievements that it can be proud of. It has taken the top spot in J.D. Power’s IQS survey for the last four years and has launched a number of very attractive products on the market. The next big thing for the premium manufacturer is called electrification and it turns out Genesis wants to skip a step in the process of going zero-emission.

Most of the mainstream manufacturers use plug-in hybrids as a transitional step towards full battery-electric vehicles. The South Koreans have no plans to develop hybrids or plug-in hybrids, however, and this was confirmed by the brand’s CEO for America, Mark Del Rosso, who recently spoke to media representatives in an online conference call.

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The reason? Genesis believes the fully electric cars better correspond with the marque’s forward-thinking image. The automaker’s full R&D potential will go into the development of its first emission-free model which will spearhead its model range.

“It makes a statement that there is an intelligence behind the brand. We felt it was important to make the leap forward to a BEV,” Del Rosso told the Detroit’s Automotive Press Association.

Whether that’s a good decision or no, we can’t say at the moment. While PHEVs are arguably still generally the more affordable and reasonable option than EVs (don’t kill me for that statement!), the financial savings Genesis will generate by skipping this step could accelerate the integration of fully electric powertrains into the brand’s range. 

On a different topic, Del Rosso confirmed Genesis’ commitment to the sedan segment going forward. “While the sedan segment is shrinking, we’re still gaining share,” he commented, adding that the brand’s latest products are “gaining all over the world.”

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