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James Bond is clearly no stranger to wearing many hats; he’s a womanizer and a super-spy, but most of all, an aficionado of the automobile. There have been a countless number of Bond vehicles packed to the gills with life-saving gadgets, but it all started with the Aston Martin DB5.

While the iconic Aston has received a lot more than 15 minutes of fame becoming one of the icons of automotive cinema, like many classic cars, it has skyrocketed in value. Thankfully, the British automaker is utilizing its factory in Newport Pagnell, England, – the same location used for the continuation of the DB4 GT and DB4 GT Zagato – to build 25 DB5’s that look like the original, but are brand spanking new.

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Only 25 will be built in honor of the number of Bond films that have been released. We had no idea there were so many movies in the series, but we’d wager that prospective customers were happy to get so many examples.

As intended, to the casual observer these vehicles look just like any other DB5 on the road. With its striking aesthetic, it will grab the attention of keen petrolheads, but they’ll have no idea that there’s more than meets the eye. In being a faithful replica of the original, the vehicle has every gadget you'd expect.

Shifting the ignition key counter-clockwise engages accessory mode, which activates all of the gadgets on offer. While the front of the vehicles is home to just a ram bar, pretend machine guns, and a switchable license plate, the rear is a different story. Out back lies the oil slick (filled with water), smoke screen nozzles, and bulletproof shield.

Unfortunately for obvious safety reasons, the ejector seat won’t actually put the passenger into near-earth orbit, but it does release the pins holding the roof on so you are able to remove it. Semantics aside, it’s clear that 25 people are about to receive one hell of a car.

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