You’re supposed to blow the doors off of the competition.

Hood pins, often found on race cars, are intended to serve as a failsafe for the hood’s main latch fails. The last thing any racer wants is to have their windshield obscured by a large hood mid-race. That could lead to an accident, and it’s terrible for the car’s aerodynamics, too. The pins also keep the hood with the car if the latch fails, which can’t be said for the passenger door of a BMW race car on the Nurburgring.

A new video posted to the famous track’s YouTube channel shows the racer, part of the Setra Motorsport racing team, flying down the track at 174 miles per hour (280 kilometers per hour). The video begins with the door already beginning to separate from the vehicle. The track’s undulating surface further separates the two as it passes a blue-striped Porsche 911. However, as the BMW begins to navigate a slight curve to the left, the passenger door rips away just after passing the Porsche.

The door wobbles a bit in its frame before disappearing with a loud whoosh. You can watch the driver glance over once before looking again at the gaping opening. The driver then checks the rear-view mirrors as he begins to slow the vehicle, likely looking for the door to see if it caused any incidents. It wasn’t that far ahead of the Porsche when the door came off, and it could have easily been an issue for others on the track.

A blue strap appeared to be attached to the door, though it’s left flapping in the wind by the end of the video. Another video from the motorsport team shows the car pulling into the pits before getting back out on the track about an hour later – after the team recovered and reattached the door. A photo of the repaired car at the end of the video shows a copious amount of tape around the passenger door. Hopefully, that keeps it in its place.

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