In today's episode of kids behaving badly, we have story that thankfully has a happy ending. By that, we mean nobody was hurt, including the 11-year-old boy that ultimately crashed this full-size school bus after leading police on a high-speed chase across Baton Rouge, Louisiana. No, that's not a typo – this kid was 11. And he's probably grounded for life, or at least, he better be.

The wild ride didn't happen during school hours. According to WAFB, the incident occurred during the morning hours of Sunday, October 11. It was nabbed from Progress Head Start, where the bus was parked for unknown reasons. The report states the bus belonged not to the area school district, but a private owner who subcontracts for Head Start. The bus reportedly had a push start feature and apparently it was unsecured; whether or not the bus owner could face charges is unknown at this time.

What is known is that this kid jumped behind the wheel around 11:00 am local time and literally went to town. The chase covered several areas and lasted around 30 minutes, and as we can see in videos below from Scottie Hunter on Twitter, the young driver wasn't too concerned about following traffic laws.


A second clip shows the boy whipping through an intersection at speed, with a cavalcade of police vehicles in pursuit.


During the half-hour chase, the alleged underage thief jumped curbs, hit a gas line, plowed through private property, and ultimately crashed into a tree where it looks like he was trying to go under a large branch. Eyewitnesses reportedly said the kid looked fine when he climbed out of the bus, where police took him into custody. Because he's a minor his name won't be released, but reports say the juvenile bus driver is charged with a litany of offenses, not the least of which being theft of a motor vehicle and aggravated property damage.

We're obviously happy nobody was hurt, especially the boy. Stay safe out there folks, and for crying out loud, teach your kids to not steal things...especially school buses that could plow through buildings without much effort, never mind innocent people.

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