The driver bailed out, and the train conductor suffered only minor injuries.

As most are aware, trains have a stopping distance of several miles; therefore, just about anything unexpectedly blocking its path will be destroyed. Unfortunately, we now have video evidence of what this looks like after an accident last week in Pendleton, Indiana.

While details on what led up to the incident are scarce, the driver of the semi-truck was unable to get his vehicle over the train tracks. After leaving the cab, there’s not much that could be done; construction crews on the scene tried to move the truck but clearly it wouldn’t budge. Video captured from bystanders shows the workers desperately trying to move the vehicle with a ratchet strap, but to no avail.

What follows is an unfortunate lesson in the power of the freight-train. After striking the cab, both train and truck slid along the rails before briefly catching fire – thankfully the conductor on board suffered only minor injuries. 

The motorists alongside the railway who witnessed the incident were packed up because of an unsighted construction site that lay ahead. It’s unknown whether the stricken semi was part of the nearby job, but it remains a lesson in the dangers that surround railroad tracks; it’s clear as day now that getting it wrong at an intersection isn’t a victimless offense.

Although this was clearly an accident, it still demonstrates that motorists should exercise extreme caution in these areas. Regardless of whether you are trying to make it home on time, are late to work, or distracted on your phone, let this video be a reminder to do the right thing. Stop.

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