There’s no shortage of aftermarket goodies for the new Jeep Wrangler. Third-party companies often cash-in on the off-roader’s popularity, though Jeep offers a plethora of parts, too. One that it’s been teasing since it unveiled the new-generation JL Wrangler in late 2017 is its half-doors – doors that feature a fully removable upper portion that lacks the window surround. They’ve not yet entered production, but new spy photos reveal Jeep hasn’t forgotten about them.

The half-doors are easy to spot on the white-bodied two-door Wrangler test vehicle. They look similar to the plexiglass rear windows that are already available on the SUV. There’s thick fabric surrounding a warped pair of plexiglass windows, which will get smoothed out before production. There’s a large square opening with a smaller triangular one ahead of it. Once removed, it’ll allow for open-air off-roading fun and improved visibility.

Gallery: Jeep Wrangler Half-Doors Spy Photos

The new Wrangler’s half doors were teased in early 2018 on the Jeep Jeepster Concept, but Jeep classified them as conceptual. We saw them most recently on the Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept – the 450-horsepower (336-kilowatt), Hemi-powered V8 beast that Jeep unveiled the same day as the resurrected Ford Bronco. Spy photos of Jeep’s half-doors come as Ford prepares the Bronco to enter production next year. Pre-production Bronco models are already being assembled, and when it does arrive, Ford could have over 150 accessories available for the model.

We don’t know what those accessories will be, but Ford has teased new off-road-oriented door designs that could be in development. The addition of the Bronco gives the Wrangler direct competition unlike anything it has seen in years, which should be a win for consumers. Ford hasn’t been quiet about how it used the Wrangler as a benchmark – and launching point – for the Bronco’s design, and we’re certain Jeep won’t let its icon play second fiddle to Ford.

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