Just add red.

The new Honda Civic Type R is here, and things are looking good under the hood. With such a strong start, the Japanese automaker has some hot new options available for the front-wheel-drive challenger.

Many will see these as an upgrade in the aesthetic department, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Honda has ages of experience and success on the racetrack, and this package shows for it. Sure, Honda Access isn’t necessarily a performance division, but it’s clear that they aren’t just focused on appearance.

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We could tell you about the mirror covers, floor mats, paint protection films, and many of the other pieces on offer, but it’s clear that there are several big-ticket items here. While many of these goodies are solely focused on aesthetic improvements, it’s clear Honda still utilized some big foreheads in the engineering department. 

You’d be remiss to disregard the new wheels as an upgrade in just the aesthetic department. Make no mistake, spokes on the new hoops include a sword-like profile and are painted stark white to complement the vehicle’s red brake calipers. While they are nice to look at, the Japanese automaker focused on creating a wheel that emphasized its racing spirit.

Honda Access Type R
Honda Access Type R
Honda Access Type R

Following the design ethos of the wheels supplied to its race cars in the Japanese Super GT championship, the aim was to target a delicate balance between strength and beauty. As such, the wheel is constructed from an A6000 series aluminum alloy – previously reserved for aerospace applications – and produced using a very advanced forging and machining process to save up to 2.1 kg per wheel. Keen readers will know that taking away this unsprung mass has a profoundly positive effect on vehicle kinematics.

As red has always been a staple of the Type R from day one, the Japanese automaker wanted to make it a focal point of the Access pack. In doing so, the weave of fibers in every available carbon component includes red polyester thread. Contrary to popular belief, Honda wanted these panels to create a delicate texture without making excessive claims.

We’d wager that customers will be champing at the bit to get their hands on some of these items. Details on U.S. availability remain unknown, but it’s clear that the Type R is alive and well.

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