RS 8

So, you think the R8 is all you need? Well think again, if you want to keep up with your neighbours Porsche Turbo you will need some more power. And for that case Audi is developing the R8 into a RS8. Let the R8 join the Carreras and Astons Vantage, but if you want to play with the big boys you will need something else. The RS8 is your answer, the V10 comes from the Lamborghini Gallardo but probably detuned to 490-500 bhp but the speed and sound are there. The main visible difference to the R8 are the bigger air intakes on the sides and newly designed side skirts. Also the front brakes appear to be bigger. Looking at it, driving high-speed test at the Nürburgring it really shows how well balanced the RS8 is. Smoothe in and out through every curve, and very quick on the long straight. The RS8 is developed by Audi's sport division, Quattro GmbH who also develop the RS6. Will it beat the Porsche Turbo? Well it got the looks and it got the speed, so I guess we just have to wait for the first duell between those two.

RS 6

While Audi is developing some more RS models, the first out will be the RS6. Entering the market as both sedan and wagon it will break the 500 bhp mark for a family model from Audi . The engine is the same V10 as in the S6, but with a little help from turbochargers this monster will deliver 550 bhp. Also notice the extreme big brake discs, something this RS6 will need due to the rumours that the RS models will not longer have the speed limit set at 250 km/h. As usual the RS versions have twin oval exhaust pipes compared to the four pipes on the S models. The photos are showing the RS 8 and the RS 6,(checkered disguise) both currently testing at Nürburgring.

SPY PHOTOS: Audi RS 8 and RS 6