We're down to the last three months of this dreaded year, and car sales are looking pretty much bullish towards the end of 2020. Now, the sales numbers are in for Q3 2020, as well as from a year-to-date perspective.

The sales numbers for light vehicles aren't surprising, though. America's thirst for SUVs and trucks are still apparent with the current numbers, with only two cars entering the 10 best-selling vehicles – both in year-to-date and Q3 2020.

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Leading the way for three-box sedans is the Toyota Camry with 79,046 units sold in Q3 2020 and 204,945 units in the first nine months of this year. This is hardly a surprise, considering that the executive sedan was also the top-selling vehicle at the end of 2019 that isn't an SUV/crossover or a pickup truck.

The Honda Civic follows the Camry closely with 73,083 units sold in July, August, and September, totaling to 200,941 units moved since January 2020. Again, a familiar name on the list since the Civic was also part of last year's top 10.

The Corolla, however, exits the top 10, trailing the Civic with 56,612 units sold in Q3 2020 and 166,213 from January to September.

Needless to say, high-riders dominate the list of best-sellers in the U.S. so far, with the Ford F-Series trucks leading the way with 221,647 units sold in Q3 2020 alone and selling a total of 589,034 vehicles for the first nine months.

With a six-digit margin from the next best-seller, which is the Ram light- and heavy-duty trucks, and considering that the 2021 F-150 is on its way to the dealers this month, Ford is looking to conclude the year with America's best-seller yet again.

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