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We struggle to think of a vehicle that's received more attention before reaching dealerships than the new Ford Bronco. Yes, the 2020 was all over the news, but we didn't see multiple videos showing fleets of pre-production Corvettes rock crawling (or in the Corvette world, lapping race tracks). It seems like the world is already familiar with all things Bronco, and we're still several months away from its on-sale date. It is, perhaps, the coolest new vehicle to debut this year.

Case-in-point is this cool family photo from Bronco Nation, showing all six Bronco trims that will be available. Wait a minute you say ... aren't there seven trims? Technically speaking, yes there will be seven available at launch, but the First Edition is only a limited-run offering that's already sold out. Going forward, buyers will have six Bronco flavors to choose from, and they're all parked side-by-side right here.


According to Bronco Nation's post, the lineup begins on the left with Badlands and progresses right with Wildtrak, Outer Banks, Black Diamond, Big Bend, and a silver Base model holding station nearest to the camera. The red Wildtrak with the Sasquatch Package certainly stands out in the group, but the Badlands model with its standard-issue 33-inch tires and unique Badlands suspension package isn't much smaller. We've seen Bronco comparisons with and without the Sasquatch Package before, but it still drops our jaw to see them side-by-side.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, buyers still have a long wait to see these comparisons in person. The coronavirus-revised plan was always to have the Bronco reach dealerships starting in the spring of 2020, and as far as we can tell, that plan is still on track.

However, with Ford officially reporting 165,000 deposits and unconfirmed reports of over 230,000 orders, it's likely some new Bronco owners will have to wait considerably longer for their SUV to arrive. Rumors suggest that for some, that wait could stretch into 2022.

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