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If you're planning on buying a 2021 Ford Bronco, there's good news because dealers are not directly charging installation fees for the hundreds of accessories available for the SUV, according to a document obtained by the Bronco 6G forum. It's part of a new program from the Blue Oval called DIO, for Dealer Installed Options.

Customers will be able to specify their accessories when configuring their Bronco just before placing the order with a salesperson. This will also mean that a buyer will be able to bundle the cost of the dealer-installed options into their vehicle's financing.

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There are a few exceptions to the DIO program, though. First, it only applies at the time of purchase. This means that if a person buys a Bronco accessory after taking delivery, then the customer also has to cover the cost of installation if he or she wants the dealer to put the piece on. The other limitation is that wheels are not part of the program.

Technically, the DIO program still has an installation fee. Ford is bundling the cost into the price of the accessory and then reimbursing dealers a pre-determined credit. Bronco 6G notes that this still means there's a potential for savings if a showroom's labor rate is higher than the Blue Oval's reimbursement.

Unfortunately, Ford hasn't yet shown the vast majority of Bronco accessories yet. A rumor suggests the company intends to do an online reveal for them. The timing for this is a mystery, but speculation puts the date at some time in November. Since the Blue Oval is letting customers bundle the price of accessories into their vehicle purchase, showing off the aftermarket parts needs to happen before the company begins taking orders in December.

In August, Ford debuted five Adventure concepts that outfitted the Bronco and Bronco Sport with a wide variety of accessories to create themed vehicles. For the bigger SUV, there was the Trail Rig with tube doors, winch, roof rack, light bar, and recovery boards. The Fishing Guide boasted a fishing rod holder on the front bumper, a first-row soft top, and roof-mounted cargo carrier.

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