The days when car manufacturers were only interested in coming out with products that had four wheels are long gone, especially if we’re talking about luxury brands. Aston Martin is perhaps the most eloquent example seeing as how it has a separate design division dedicated to products outside of the automotive realm. After seeing the $74,000 racing simulator last month, this new product has a few more zeros at the end of its price tag as we’re talking about a $7.7-million home.

Developed by S3 Architecture in collaboration with Aston Martin Design, Sylvan Rock is an exquisite private residential estate located in a 55-acre wooded plot located about two hours away from Manhattan. The people behind the project say it sets “new standards for a rural retreat, blending craft, health and wellness, multi-functional 'pods' and sustainability with the true luxury of space, privacy, and self-contained living.”

Gallery: Sylvan Rock by S3 Architecture and Aston Martin Design

Marketing speak aside, the home has an elegant blackened cedar façade and floor-to-ceiling glazing to enhance the feeling of openness. In total, the estate covers 8,430 square feet, with the house itself taking up 5,983 square feet. There’s also a pool house and even a nifty treehouse, not to mention the three guest house “pods.”

You can easily fit the entire current Aston Martin lineup as the house comes with a three-car garage and a massive 2,000-foot-long driveway. The adjacent images show a wine cellar in the lower level lounge tall enough to store the DBX, Gaydon’s first SUV. All the wood, leather, and metal surfaces inside the house have been designed by Aston Martin and the end result is quite breathtaking.

Sylvan Rock is just the latest example of how Aston Martin is eager to step out of its comfort zone and tackle new segments of the high-end market. At the beginning of the year, it teamed up with Airbus for a new helicopter, while previous examples of products without wheels include speedboats, bicycles, and a block of flats in Miami.  

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