It is getting more and more difficult for the company's dealers to find someone who really believes that 4C is superior car than Porsche Macan.

It is no secret that Alfa Romeo is having hard times these days. It is getting tough for dealerships to find someone who really believes that the 4C is superior than Porsche Cayman, for example.

Convertibles have always been part of Alfa Romeo's strategy. That's why the brand is working hard on a topless 4C lately.

Here is one of X-Tomi's latest virtual works, showing us a convertible 4C, shortly named the 4C Spider. 240 HP (177 kW) with 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) on the rear axle and direct sunlight sounds like a lot of fun to us.

We already know that the Italian carmaker should be ready with the 4C Spider later this year. We can only hope this one will get the fans' approval as much as the regular 4C did it.