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The Volkswagen ID.4 recently debuted as the first of the German brand's new family of EVs to be available in America. Now, rendering artist KDesign AG has imagined a variety of different looks for the vehicle, including a pickup, GTI, wagon, sedan, and coupe-inspired crossover.

Starting with the most interesting of the bunch, the ID.4 turns out to look pretty good as a little pickup. In the real world, the tiny cargo bed would probably me too small to offer any real utility. The styling looks good with this shape, though.

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.4 Alternate Body Renderings

A coupe-inspired crossover version of the ID.4 is something that's actually fairly likely to go on sale. If it fits your personal style, then this is an attractive interpretation of the look. VW previewed this appearance with the Crozz II concept.

A sporty, GTI-like version of the ID.4 also seems likely eventually. For this rendering, KDesign AG gives it the current GTI's front fascia and wheels.

Judging by the Space Vizzion Concept, a wagon in the ID family is something that's likely to happen eventually. It looks like an attractive family hauler here. The rendering balances edginess and curves, while also adding extra cargo room at the rear.

The Vizzion was VW's concept for an electric sedan in the ID family. Rather than swoopy styling, the take in this rendering is a more traditional, three-box design.

The ID.4 will go on sale in the first quarter of 2021 with a starting price of $39,995. The base model will be rear-wheel drive, but there will also be a more powerful all-wheel-drive version in mid-2021 for $43,695. VW estimates a range of 250 miles on a charge for the rear-drive mode..

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